Dental implants and dental implantology

This highly specialized field of dentistry is now an integral part of dental care. Dental implant inserted into the jaw bone replaces the missing tooth and, after a solid connection with the bone is established, the dental implants are used for prosthetic work (fixed bridge), which would otherwise be impossible. It is a demanding, difficult but effective method of reconstruction of the dentition. During the last decade, dental implantology has undergone a rapid development and has become a standard therapeutic procedure in modern dentistry. Routine use of dental implants has radically changed our view of dental prosthetics and nowadays we are able to replace missing teeth without having to cut the other teeth and deal with the gap using a bridge.

The implant may be used:

• as a replacement of an individual lost tooth

• as a replacement of several teeth when dealing with large gaps in the dentition

• to solve the problem of toothless jaws with a fixed bridge

• for the fixation of hybrid prostheses

• as an anchor pillar in orthodontics

Dental implants are a high-quality, comfortable and long-lasting solution. A dental implant is essentially a cylindrical or conical supporting pillar with an external and internal thread. It can be described as an “artificial root” serving as a basis, to which so-called suprastructures, i.e. different types of supports, are fixed and to these, dental crowns or bridges are attached. Nowadays, a modern implant is made almost entirely of pure titanium with a special surface. Each customer is informed in detail about the therapeutic tactics and its financial aspect, and we are able to come up with several “custom made” treatment options for each customer matching his financial possibilities.

In our department, we have performed dental implantology for many years; we have treated hundreds of implanted customers. Every year we perform over 200 dental implants, including the necessary procedures before the actual implantation and subsequent fabrication of the prosthesis. We are an authorized implant institute, licensed in dentoalveolar surgery. Two operating rooms meeting European standards, interconnected with a sterilization center, constitute a part of our institute. During major surgeries on jaws an experienced anesthesiologist is almost always present, the procedure is painless, comfortable and without disturbing events, under so called conscious sedation.